Sunday, October 27, 2013

Katie Holmes Looks Warm In A Moss Green Sweater and Denim

Vogue Daily — Katie Holmes
WHO: Katie Holmes
WHAT: Koral jeans, Michael Kors shoes
WHERE: On the street, New York City
WHEN: October 11, 2013

There have been times where I've shown up somewhere in a super-big-to-be-oversize sweater, a puffy coat, or, in my pre-teen years, a cute but cheesy red sweater with a snowman motif on the front. I know, my sweater record isn't exactly clean, but ever since I have become a fashion hypocrite blogger, I have been dressing relatively nicely - I thought. After looking at this photo of style icon Katie Holmes, my high self-judgement completely flew out the window. Who in the world would have thought that wearing a denim long-sleeve visibly under a elbow length sweater would look so darn good??? I'm pretty sure there might very well be some Fashion Police that will drop this photo in a scathing review, but I for one think it rocks. (Something you should know about Fashion Police, the judges aren't that good most of the time)

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