Sunday, January 31, 2016

Tutorial⎪Smoky Eyes and Mauve Lips

   I'm BACK TO DOING VIDEOS! This is so exiting for me for absolutely no reason in particular except that I freaking love doing this but I can never get any time to do so. I actually filmed this video nearly a week ago but unfortunately had absolutely no time to do voice overs, much less edit the hour of footage. (What's new, right?) Thankfully I was able edit Wednesday night (while I was falling asleep), do the voice over Thursday night (I ended up being late for dance) and finally, finally, finally put it all together Friday night. (I wasn't late for anything.) The tricky part was uploading it, but I finally kicked this sucker on to youtube last night. This is a tutorial using a whole bunch of new products that I am in love with to create a look that I literally can't stop looking at! So without further ado... Here is my newest video! Click to start it below or head on over to youtube for better quality ;) x Anya

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