Friday, January 22, 2016

Five Q-Tip Hacks You Haven't Heard Before

   Something that can be extremely underrated are Q-tips and just how useful they are. They are always on hand for me, and I tend to keep a stash in my makeup drawers as well. I have compiled several tips on how to use them, as well as some that I've found on the internet, so here is a list of my favorites!
... to Clean Up Lines
   This is by far the main way that I use my Q-Tips, and the reason why I simply can't do without them. I like to put some eye makeup remover on the Q-Tip (eye cream works as well) and simply use the Q-Tip to sharpen up a cat eye, get rid of a smudge of lip color, or to sharpen up a cut crease. You will probably find that a Q-Tip with a pointed tip would prove very useful for this hack, but I personally don't mind using the standard rounded tip for this.

... to Double As A Smudging Brush
   This is a tip I came up with when I noticed the similarity between a standard issue Q-Tip and a smudging brush. Both are firm, stiff, and provide excellent ways to smugdge out anything from an undereye eyeshadow to eyeliner. I have to admit that I prefer using a regular synthetic bristled smudge brush for this, but if you don't want to bother purchasing one or if you are caught in a situation where you don't have an arsenal of brushes, this trick works just as well.

... to Apply A Precise Highlight
   Again, the Q-Tip substitutes as a brush, this time as a precise eyeshadow brush. Something that I've discovered is that when you are trying to apply a highlight to your eyes the key is to use a very precise applicator and apply it so that the bright highlight is contributing, not over powering, to the look. That's why I always find it important to keep a variety of small, precise brushes for this purpose. Recently, however, I've discovered that applying the highlight color to the inner corners of your eyes with a Q-Tip is very useful because you get just the right amount of sheen in the right area without looking like a UFO, even though it is completely acceptable to look that way!

... to Apply Lash Glue
   If you are subscribed to my youtube channel then you probably already know just how much I've been loving false lashes lately. They are something that I have been learning how to do, and I LOVE IT. A technique I find useful when applying false lashes is to use a Q-Tip to apply an even layer of glue to the lash. A lot of glues have a squeezy style tube, and it is very easy to get globs of glue in various places of the falsies. The benefit of applying lash glue with a Q-Tip is that you can get a pretty even, smooth layer of glue on the lash without sweat. Definitely useful to the point that I no longer have to worry about that certain part of applying my lashes.

... to Volumize Your Lashes
   A makeup trick that has been in circulation for quite some time now says that to give your lashes a boost of volume a great trick is to use a Q-Tip to apply either translucent or baby powder to the lashes. Apply mascara on top and you have volumized lashes! To be honest this is the one trick in this selection that I haven't been using a lot. I prefer to use a good old fashioned volumizing formula in place of having to bother with powder, but this is certainly something you can try.

   So that is it for my Q-Tip post. I hope you all enjoyed it and picked up some tips you haven't heard before. I wanted to mention that I am hoping to be posting more on this blog this year. Recently I have felt that I've been focusing all of my energy on to my youtube channel but I wanted to still be able to look on my blog here and know that I have content that I'm proud of. Thank you so much for taking a look at my blog, since it honestly means a lot! x Anya

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