Wednesday, January 27, 2016

My Favorite Highlighters⎪How I Apply Them

   Over the past few months I have grown an obsession with highlighters. They give such a glow and luminosity to the face, not to mention how they can give the illusion of a more sculpted, glowing and or youthful appearance. I used to stay away from highlighters, thinking that due to my oily skin I don't need a "glow", but I have found that I have proven myself wrong. Whether you're oily, dry or combination, I highly recommend trying a highlight. I have tried a few, but somehow there are only a few that I have found myself reaching for the most.

   I have been obsessed with using these two highlighters both separately and mixed together. The first one is from The Balm and it's called the Mary Lou Manizer. Besides the clever play on words, the other thing that is great about this highlighter is, well, everything. Not only is the packaging adorable, the formula inside is light enough to go with the lightest skin tone and intense enough to be seen from space. (Just kidding, no highlight can actually do that. Yet. But you get the picture) The second one is Becca's all around famous Champagne Pop, made by the ever so freaking amazing Jaclyn Hill. Another bonus; this highlighter, previously a limited edition product, is now a permanent product in the Becca range, a fact that makes me, along with many, many, many, many, many etc. others very relieved that;

a: We will be able to wear Champagne Pop for the rest of our lives
b: We don't have to worry about killing anyone over the last Champange Pop. On Earth.

Disclaimer: I'm perfectly sane, I just love makeup.

   Champagne Pop is a light golden peach color with just enough coolness and just enough warmth to match skinniness universally. Even better, my favorite way to wear these is to mix them together to get a light gold that pops.

   From left to right; Mary Lou Manizer, Champagne Pop, and the two mixed. Above is how they look in natural lighting and below is how they look with he flash on. As you can already see, it's total kapow.

   Lastly, my favorite way to apply these is to use a fluffy blush brush to sweep the pigment up on top of my cheekbones. I have usually seen people use a fan brush to apply highlight and while I occasionally still use that method, as of late I have much preferred using the fluffy brush. This just gives a nice, even sheen that looks radiant and glowy and easily build able. I feel that it can look a little harsh if you apply the highlight with a fan brush, and for every day I want something to make me look like my skin has somehow been kissed by angels. ;) The important thing to do when using a fluffy brush is to be sure you not using one that's too big or you'll be applying the highlight everywhere, which may or may not be your goal.

   So that's pretty much it! I will keep trying out more highlighters, but as of late these are the ones that I am using to death because they're simply amazing. The Mary Lou Manizer one is around twenty dollars, and the Becca one is about forty. I love both of these highlighters for their amazing quality, and I also like how you just need to use a little of each one because the pigmentation is so amazing. Definitely something you should try out if you haven't already! x Anya

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