Sunday, October 4, 2015

Soft Cranberry Smoky Eye⎪Fall Makeup Tutorial

  So far this has been my year of firsts. Among many things, one of the firsts I have to mention is me finally enjoying and loving autumn. For ages I have hated the season because of the way it's so often associated with "Back to School", but recently I have found that I finally am in a place where I actually truly enjoy school in a way that I haven't before. This has helped me open up a positive outlook on life, so thus I am exited for fall.
  I would love to start doing tutorial after tutorial on my channel of different fall looks, (even though I'm not even sure if that will happen) but I thought I would start off with this look, which is one I came up with on a whim but definitely one that I see myself wearing throughout the entire fall season. It's my perfect idea of a fall makeup look, with matte warm toned eyes and a plum lip, and yet it still has than easy wearable quality to it that makes me want to wear it every day. x

  P.S. I feel like I have to mention that my bra makes several irritating appearances throughout this video. I was contemplating on not posting this video because of that, but I figured that no one would really click on this video if they were meaning to see my bra, if you know what I mean. Plus I was wearing a sport's bra because I had just gotten back from dance, and lets face it. A sports bra isn't as racy or prone to vulgar interpretation as a normal kind of bra. ;)

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