Monday, November 3, 2014

Under $5: NYC Liquid Eyeliner

When I heard about the controversy surrounding this particular product, I was curious about it, and when I heard that it was only $2.99, I decided to go out and buy it.
I had a dollar off coupon for NYC eye, so when I went and bought this eyeliner it ended up being around a dollar fifty including tax, but I still think that was a pretty good price point for this eyeliner.

The brush is a standard long brush, a little difficult to wield for my shaky hands, but it still okay. I actually did a video with this eyeliner a while back when I was still testing it, and if you are interested in seeing this eyeliner in action you can view the video here. The formula itself is not phenomenal, not horrible, but sort of in between. The staying power I'd rate somewhere between a six or seven, and I do wish it had better staying power. I like my eyeliner to be very fool proof, and this is personal preference, but if you are a person who doesn't mind a semi-waterproof eyeliner than I would recommend this one.

Below you see the average pigmentation which I get from this eyeliner. I have to confess that this is a little more gray looking than it actually is, because in reality it is a lot more black than photograph suggests.

The price point is very good, and I do think that because of the low price you could just buy it and check it out for yourself, but I personally don't find myself reaching for this one whenever it's time to wear a liquid eyeliner. Other online reviews say that it has awesome staying power for them, and others say that it is horrible, but I'd say I'm in between. I might be obsessed with it somewhere in the future, I might continue not use it as often, but my parting verdict is that although it doesn't work that well for my preferences, nothing prevents great results when it comes to others.

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