Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Update: Scared Babies, Big Tex, and Soapy Shoes

I'm not sure how many times I have already said this, nor how many times I'll say it again, but I'm sorry I haven't been blogging! School is really getting quite demanding this year, and I actually have a lot going on in my extra curricular activities so... you get the picture. Anyway, I thought I'd start things casual with a bit of an update in pictures. I got some really great beauty goodies in the mail recently... the stuff pictured was just some of the wonderful things that left a gaping hole in my wallet... even though the hole was worth it anyway. (If you follow me on instagram you probably already saw some of these photos, but as I'm assuming you don't, I'm @anyaalbuquerque.) I was looking through some old photo albums the other day and I came across me as a baby. Yes, that terrified-looking baby is me, and no, my parents were actually very kind to me. I honestly don't know what was going on here. Now, looking at it, I think it had to do with the camera. We had this pretty scary looking nineties camera with a big, wide, dark lens just waiting to suck me in like a black hole and spit me out when it decided to. Again, just like a black hole. (It was the nineties) So I hope you understand my terror. As a last note, let me talk about the last photo on this collage, in which you see two pairs on shoes, the ones on the right are mine, by the way, covered in soap foam. Or soap suds. Give me a break, I running on teenage adrenaline. That was when I went with my friend and family to the Texas State Fair (if you know anything about Texas you would recognize Big Tex from bottom center photo) and my friend Moira actually took me to my very first fun house. I swear, it was awesome, and at the very end we had to walk through this section that was filled with soapy, foamy... soapies. Know what I'm saying? Anyway, by the the time we came out our shoes were in quite an interesting condition. Thankfully, in an hour they were back to normal, but I decided to preserve this memorable, life-changing moment visually. aaand that is it for this update, I hope you enjoyed this really long paragraph and I'll see you later! (Hopefully sooner than later, but hey, we all are human, after all.)

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