Sunday, May 25, 2014

Review: Maybelline Color Tattoo 24-Hour Eyeshadow

On a whim I decided to take the time to go through that extremely large folder in my computer called Drafts and I ultimately stumbled upon this set of pictures with no text except for the title. Given that I have officially fallen in love with this product, I was a bit disappointed in myself for not taking the time to type up a review on it. I think it's because I wanted to take the time to see what other people online thought of it, besides me. I have long decided that a review that comprises in no more than several sentences with the repeated words "I LOVE IT!!!" doesn't necessarily help the average person, especially if said person wants to know just why the author felt the need to type such strong words. Certainly, the ones who write the reviews might very well love it, but they also might have close to no idea as to why they love it so much. Is it the color? Is it the texture? Just how long does it really stay on? Do you need a primer underneath? That's why I would like to answer all these questions and more, but with as much accuracy as humanely possible. Even though I have written up some key points on why I love it in my records, I wanted to verify that information with other bloggers and product users. I hope this 235-word long paragraph illustrated my point. Anyway, lets get along with the review.

As many of you already know, I do have oily skin, but what's great about this product is that it stays on my lids even if said lids happen to be more oily than is personally acceptable. :) Although I wouldn't necessarily say that it stays on for 24 hours, I can confidently confirm that the staying power is phenomenal. I have worn this product (without any sort of primer, I might add) for the entire day and found that it stayed on very well. I slap it on, go to school, come home from school and still see the color as precisely as if I had just applied it two minutes ago. There have been some challenging days when all makeup is liable to melt away, but even when that happens, I can still see a beautiful sheen of the bronze pigment on my eyes. (Even though it might not be as dramatically pigmented as if I'd just applied it.) Even when that happens, I must say it still looks good, which is not something that can always be said for many other products on the market. The texture is quite dry, and it can be a slight challenge to blend if you leave it on for to long, but the same can be said for most all other waterproof formulas out there.

(Tip: If you would like the pigment to go on smoother and more blendable, simply wet whatever applicator you're using to get a higher concentration of pigment. This tip will also work on many other makeup categories including blushes, bronzers, foundations, and even that pesky powder that is such a pain to apply well but you really don't want to throw away.) Speaking of the applicators, it is great to use a synthetic-bristled eyeshadow brush, but what I really love using would be the makeup applicator that we all have - fingers. My fingers provide a fantastic way for the eyeshadow to get put into just the right place, as well as for the result to be a lot more natural and blended.

The shade itself (I got shade #25 which is called Bad to the Bronze) apparently is the most popular in the line. I can certainly see why, because it is incredibly wearable. It really makes the most terrific smoky eye, and can even multitask as a subtle eyeliner. I find that it is wonderful for day-wear, but can be intensified with more color for nighttime. I usually wouldn't always want to wear a shimmery color on my lids for a school-friendly look, but it looks so natural on my lids and is so pretty with my skin that I really can't resist. Of course, you do have to work quickly to get it nicely blended in, but as said before, that is the same with all waterproof products, and I don't believe anyone can honestly complain about it. Overall I can say yes, I do love this product very much and I will certainly be repurchasing it. Of course, I will buy this shade just as soon as I'm done with this pot, but I would also like to take a look at the other products Maybelline has in this range.

The color swatched on my arm.

This is the lighter version of the same color, only with much less applied.

Rings: Charming Charlie, Locket: Vintage
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