Tuesday, May 6, 2014

UPDATE Review: Maybelline Fit Me Shine-Free Stick Foundation

UPDATE: I stumbled upon this post while skimming through my blog archives, and I realized that the thoughts I had on this product when I first wrote this post are now completely different. So, in hopes of not deceiving those who are looking at this post for guidance for their cosmetics purchases, I resolved to post an updated version of this review. If you want to read the original post, it is below in italics. Let's begin

I got this product because I liked the ad. At the time, I was looking for a good foundation with a satisfactory coverage and superpowers that would prevent my skin from getting greasy throughout the day. I had done quite a bit of research, and I had resolved to buy a stick foundation, because that seemed like the best bet for my oily skin. However, this particular stick foundation, even though it seemed like a package from heaven at the time, soon proved to be quite the drag.

I chose shade number 120, which is Classic Ivory.

 Here you can see the "core" of the product. The outer layer is considered to be the pigmented part of the foundation, but the inner part is apparently the powder shine-free core. After several uses, it looked like the photo above, but I decided to scrape some product away from the inner white part so you all can get a slightly clearer view of it, which is shown below.

Overall, this foundation seemed to have a pretty nice coverage, but since I initially felt that it was slightly greasy when applied, this feeling persisted throughout the days. At first I thought that I could live with it. But then, as one breakout followed another, I soon realized. There are better foundations. Since then, I have been using it as a concealing product. It's not ideal for this, (after all, it is supposed to work as a foundation) but it does the job. I use this mainly under my eyes and sometimes around my nose. The final verdict? There are better foundations. Enough said.

I recently got the Maybelline Fit Me Shine Free Foundation after quite a long time of eyeing it every time I stepped into either a Target or Walmart. The main reason I was doubtful about picking it up at first was because of the fact that my brief foundation experience with Maybelline hasn't been the very best. I am speaking about their BB cream range, and I must say that the one I did buy ended up not being used at all, which is quite something, considering the fact that I never like to be wasteful with cosmetics, even if they do have some aspects I dislike. So I am quite sure that you get my point when I say that a product was so bad I didn't even use it. Quite frankly, not only was the shade on the bottle completely misleading compared with the shade that was actually inside (the actual shade turned out to be several shades darker than my actual skin, even though the shade depicted on the bottle appeared to match my skin perfectly) but it was also was pretty much like an oil slick on my skin. When you read that a certain product is oil-free, you don't expect it to be completely matte, but it should not be like a facial oil slick within two seconds of application. Although I tried to use it as a liquid contour, it completely failed to work because it was just too shiny. And now I realize I am turning this review on one product into a completely different product review. I apologize. Anyway, when I bought this other foundation, I found that it literally stayed shine free. I wore it throughout the day and the only shininess I saw could have been classified as more of a "glow" than the typical greasy stereotypical shine. It also worked quite well as a concealer for my acne and quite a lot of pores. Now before you get the impression that I slather this stuff all over my face every day to cover up the many imperfections of my face, let me tell you that I do not. It my experience, whenever anyone tries to cover their acne or pores with concealer or foundation (or any product for that matter), the stuff increases the chance of even more breakouts because the product clogs the pores, which causes the acne. Also, I like to say that acne bumps that are obviously covered with foundation are not a flattering facial feature. I prefer to go foundation free and use as many facial masks and skincare potions as possible to actually clear my skin. I did use this all over my face when I wore it for Little Women, but that was only for the sake of the stage, and as soon as I got off stage I used facial wipes to get the pore-clogging stuff of my darling pimples and pores and blackheads and whatnot. Now whenever I use this stuff I apply it to my undereyes, a little on my lids as a base, a dab on my chin, and around my nose. Very minimal, very natural. The result is beautiful looking skin that doesn't look like it has a bit of makeup on. Curiously, even though I said that this product has very minimal shine, the texture is something I find to be slightly greasy. It blends quite easily because of the texture, so I guess that the greasy bit helps... Overall, I like this product quite a lot. I like the fact that it is a stick, which is quite sanitary, and the fact that it is minimal shine. However, I wouldn't wear this all over my face all the time, because as I mentioned before, I do not want to clog up my pores and make my acne worse than it deserves to be. You can purchase this at the stores mentioned for quite a cheap sum of $8.99. Steal!

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