Thursday, April 3, 2014

Emma Watson Suits Up

Vogue Daily — Emma Watson
WHO: Emma Watson
WHAT: Saint Laurent jacket, top, and pants, Reece Hudson bag, Anita Ko earrings, Eva Fehren earring and rings, Christian Louboutin shoes
WHERE: At the Late Show with David Letterman
WHEN: March 25, 2014

Remember when Emma Watson wore that Dior dress-and-pant suit? Somehow, even though I thought it was one of the most original and interesting fashion statements she ever made, many others disagreed. People claimed that it looked like she couldn't decide between pants and dress, but I think they just couldn't understand what fashion is. It's not about choosing something based on stereotyping - it's about wearing your own opinion.
The pant suit has become quite a classic in the typical girl's wardrobe, but for some reason I always feel a rush of hey-this-person-is-taking-the-best-fashion-risk-there-is. Here Emma elevates the typical suit with small, classic earrings, a metallic clutch, and multiple rings. This is just one example of the many assembles that just need a closer look to appear extraordinary.

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