Thursday, March 13, 2014

Elle Fanning Wears Mui Mui While In Paris

WHO: Elle Fanning
WHAT: Miu Miu 
WHERE: On the street, Paris At the Miu Miu Fall 2014 Show
WHEN: March 5, 2014
The face of Miu Miu would obviously be dressing in Miu Miu, and the face of Chanel would be dressed in Chanel, and the face of Dior would wear Dior... and it is almost always being worn to the best of the wearer's extent. Take Elle Fanning, for instance. With her sunny personality, girl-next-door attitude, and killer style, she channels the Miu Miu girl to the best extent possible. I like this outfit because it portrays Elle as someone who is maturing but not afraid to look her age. Of course, there are the heels, which I'm sure many would agree elevate the look and make her look a bit more mature, but when you see the rest of the outfit it balances out quite nicely. (Not to mention that the classic-with--a-twist pumps are one of my favorite components of this assemble.) Overall, this look is quite a nice example for spring, as it is made up of pastel, light colors and channels the perfect mix between patterns (gingham) and solids (coat and shoes). I must say I truly look forward to more of Elle's pretty looks - especially as spring progresses.

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