Thursday, March 27, 2014

Daily Face: The No Mascara, No Eyeliner Daytime Smoky Eye

The other day I was pretty low-key, so naturally my makeup matched that as well. Even though I did a full face (minus the blush and of course the mascara and eyeliner) it still turned out quite nicely, which is why I decided to reveal how I created this particular look.

Of course, the first thing I put on was foundation. I recently received the Maybelline Fit Me Shine-free Fond de teint in shade number 120. It claims to be completely matte, and I put it on around my nose, to cover up my imperfections, and as a light base for my eyeshadow.

I like using by NYC Coverstick concealer in the shade 781A Light.

As the shade is much, much lighter than my usual skin tone, it is much more useful as a highlighting formula. Not only is it a great eyeshadow base, but it serves as the most spectacularly natural highlighter because it has absolutely no shine to it, like many other highlighting formulas, and it is a cream formula, which is the most natural kind.

I put this product on the center of my lids, a bit under my eyes, on my cheekbones, at the corners of my eyes, and on the bridge of my nose.

For the eyes I used this shimmer strips palette from Physicians Formula called Pop-Brown Eyes. I have quite a lot of these different palettes, and the only problem I may have with them is that there aren't as enough matte shades as I'd like there to be. With that said, if you use the colors right, the effect can be quit lovely, as showcased in today's look.

For this look, I used a combination of shades. Firstly, I used the third shade from the bottom as a light all-over color, then used a slight darker shade (the third from right) around the edge and a little into the crease. Then I used the fourth color from the left, which is quite a nice defining brown shaded, and used it to add some definition to the outer corner and crease of my eye. Lastly, I utilized a combination of the first-from-right shade and the white shade for the inner corners of my eye for a highlighting effect.

Since this was relatively a low-key look, I decided to go with a natural lip color. Enter my Kiss My Face Organic Lip Shimmer in Ruby. Perfect for a naturally pretty look, and also quite moisturizing.

For the eyes I used just one brush, and it was my tapered eyeshadow brush was Ecotools. Long stiff bristles are perfect for patting on color as best as possible, and somewhat handy for blending the color in.

It does look quite dirty, as I took the photos just after I used it, and the pigment hadn't yet been washed off the brush.

For my face I used this fantastic Ecotools powder brush. It feels sensational against the skin and blends very well.

I didn't use any blush, but I did some light contouring with the Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Blush, Bronzer, and Eye-Shadow Palette. Very versatile, and perfect for those of you who love a multi-use product!

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