Wednesday, March 26, 2014

4408 In Houston

I am happy to say that I enjoyed a superb three days and two nights in one of my favorite cities - Houston. These shots were taken in a brand new apartment complex that barely spanned an acre but was made up of the most wonderful architecture - perfect for a black and white dress teamed with peals and nude kitten wedges. However, beneath all that clean polish, there is a little bit of grungy imperfection . Like the messy updo I fashioned on myself while still half asleep that morning, or the oh-so-embarrassing facial flaws hidden-but-not-quite by a very reliable concealer. Hey, after all, we are all humans here. I have only once seen someone that would be considered absolutely perfect, and that was a model edited, made up, and airbrushed in a magazine. Actually, I've seen hundreds of them. And truly? They are never truly, absolutely perfect. We just think they are. I am most inspired by the movies from the 80s. Like Dirty Dancing. I wouldn't call anyone in the film a supermodel, at least by today's standards, but you still want to see them, to touch them, to adore them. Them meaning, of course, the actors/actresses that dominated that silver screen. The secret to their success? Supreme self-confidence, flaws, and a trailer-full of makeup artists and makeup. (Notice that I included flaws in the selection, what I find a hundred more times alluring than perfection is flaws carried with confidence.) So, as a response to looking beautifully flawed, here is me made up, styled, yet still flawed. And boy am I proud of it. 


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