Sunday, March 2, 2014

Beaded Earrings

If you've noticed in recent images of me, I recently got my ears pierced. Recently meaning in January. However, a week ago I was finally able to change earrings after my six week stud confinement. (Let me just say, I-do-not-like-studs. But I can live with them, mine are pretty nice for well, studs.)

While not being able to wear other earrings during my "confinement", I did go out and buy a few (code for a-lot) pairs of earrings with my sister, and here are three of them.

Two are mine and the ones pictured below are my sisters. They are a gorgeous black creation with some iridescent beads that add a bit of an oomph.

The pair below is the first of two that are mine. They have some iridescence about them, but they also have colors like different purples and golds.

I just can never get over the intricacy of the beading.

Next is my favorite earrings out of the whole three-some. The shape and structure is very much the same as the ones above, but these are accented with pearly beads and neutral tones like golds and beige. They go extremely well with just about everything, all the while adding a little more diversity to an outfit.

As with the last pair of earrings, the detail is superb.

Overall, I think these earrings are a perfect example of beautiful craftmanship. They are exactly what I look for in jewelry - intricacy and beauty is clearly evident. If you like what you saw, they came from Olga Dillow. She has a beautiful selection of handmade jewelry at very reasonable prices. Enjoy!

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