Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Trend: Prada's Faces

On the Prada Spring 2014 runway, faces were the focus. Not the faces-pasted-on our-heads-type, no, but the faces which, in their contemporary art form, dominated the fronts of everything from dresses to coats to just any sequined and bedazzled surface. However, besides the like of Anna Wintour and Anna Dello Russo, not many of us have the courage, (or money) to spend on an article of clothing that wouldn't necessarily be the thing to wear to school, to the office, or just on the street. I can clearly envision the scene that would take place if I walked down the halls of my socially rigid school wearing a sequined dress with one of these faces on it, or maybe, better yet, one of the fuzzier creations. It just can't be done discreetly. However, if want to wear a face as confidently as Lena Dunham in her covershoot for Vogue, or you don't like the idea of handbags decorated with school-girlish faces (another Prada creation, and I must say, very much more discreet than the dresses and coats) then we must turn to the object of jewelry. Scattered throughout this mural of Prada are many, many, odds and ends of jewelry. Almost all of these finds came from etsy, but there are a few, I suppose, that came from other far and wide sources of the internet. Pendants, brooches, earrings - there are so many choices for anyone who wishes to follow the Prada trend. So get your typing fingers ready, your credit card number right, and start digging.

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