Friday, February 28, 2014

Hello Beauty, The New Beauty Blog You Have To See

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I haven't introduced you to any new blogs lately, but I feel it's time to show you a beauty blog I've been in love with recently. For almost a year now, I have been coveting Chiara Ferragni from Now before you get assumptions, I am not here to rave about the Blonde Salad, even though I would love to - I am here to rave about Chiara's makeup artist, Nikki, who is the mastermind behind the blog that is known as While the site is a go-to source for many, many beauty trends (take eyelash tinting, for example) I love seeing the tutorials on how to achieve the classic but trendy master pieces/beauty looks that she creates on Chiara. Above is a look that she described as a "double cat-eye" (click here to get it) and it is just one of the truly enviable looks created.

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  1. love this photo and who doesn't like to learn about a new blog! thanks for the recommendation