Saturday, February 22, 2014

Moodboard: Ballet Beautiful

                                                              Clock pendant: Topshop
Flowered Pendant: Forever 21
Dress: Preen
Nail Polish: Essie Ballet Slippers
Masked Dancer drawing: Paper Fashion
Lip Balm: YSL
Tote: Alaia
Flats: Chanel
Jeweled Floral Ear Cuffs: Topshop
Ballet was my passion in life long before many others. Sadly, I have never been able to show any kind of talent in it, but I still have learned how to appreciate the strength and drive every professional dancer has. Ballet, even though it is considered a frou-frou activity by the majority of today's culture, requires an amazing amount of dedication - that the audience hardly ever sees. To tell the truth, that is the goal of every dancer. Do not show the audience any effort. Make it look like you were born with the ability to throw-and-hold the leg up in a 180* phenomenon, do thirty-two fouettes en pointe and 80-plus other steps in breathtaking precision. As winter turns into spring, I've been seeing moodboards everywhere that are dedicated to the softness and delicate nature of ballet. Baby-pink tiered skirts, classic hair-bows, and peplum tops have been holding center stage, but in this moodboard I wanted to do something different. Instead of the uniform baby pinks and whites, I decided to embrace a more edgy dancer. Who is the girl who comes to ballet class in jeweled ear cuffs that she knows she must take off for class? Who is the girl that Wears blacks and whites? That girl is my kind of dancer - classic but modern, feminine with a splash of unique difference. Are you?

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