Monday, November 4, 2013

Rita Ora Displays A Fun Ridden Vibe On The Streets of New York

Vogue Daily — Rita Ora
WHO: Rita Ora
WHAT: Chanel bag
WHERE: On the street, New York City
WHEN: October 18, 2013

Although I have been following her career, in terms of style, Rita Ora ranked low for me - until now. When I saw this photograph, I was taken by the creativity and vibrancy behind it. Rita is still showing us her signature indescribable style, but for some weird reason, I actually like it. It's funny... for a while I didn't personally appreciate Rita's sense of dressing herself. I understood it for its style but when it came to liking it, I held back. However, something about this whole thing has changed my mind. Wish I knew what it was.