Friday, November 15, 2013

November 15, 2013 Friday

Happy Friday people!!! I am so glad that this five-day awaited weekend has finally come, and I thought I might tell you guys what I've been doing today in another diary post. I am currently working on another project for school, but happily this time it's one I am really enjoying. For my careers class we're supposed to dissect (not literally) the different people who made it big that were included in a class list and make a presentation. I chose Coco Chanel, partly because I know so much about her and partly because I just love her so much. Anyway, I will be posting the final Powerpoint on this site as a sort of window into the deep waters of Madam Chanel. Also, I'm working on a brand new video for the Tip A Week after next. If you want to view my current tips on my youtube channel feel free to click here.

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