Thursday, November 14, 2013

For Those of You Who Are NAKED Obsessed...

Urban Decay Naked 3

Urban Decay's Naked Palettes (versions one and two) have sparked the interest of pretty much everyone in the cosmetic industry, and well as countless consumers. (Even though the high price tag has discouraged me, when I tried the palette I instantly fell in love - all the colors are sensational, and the pigmentation is just right - not too crumbly but still coming away on the brush with the ease that is desired when applying makeup.) Given the staggering hype on just these two palettes, you can only imagine what will come to pass when this palette is released. This is a different color theme, pink,  rose neutrals, meaning pink is prevalent in most of the shadows, but you'll still get those smoky shades towards the right side of the pan. And of course there's a bit of Urban Decay's signature shimmer in each of the 12 hues. Your best chance at getting one before they sell out in seconds is to sign up on an email list that will send you a notification the instant the palette hits shelves. From there, it's a race to make one your own. Good luck. :)
Image Credits: Urban Decay

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