Thursday, March 3, 2016

Tarte Lights Camera Flashes⎪Va Va Voom Lashes

One of my most essential makeup items is mascara. Correction; mascaras. Mascara is something that I am not afraid to try a lot of, and even now I have a ton of unopened mascaras in my collection. However, this is definitely a mascara that I know is pretty gosh darn amazing. Enter the Tarte Lights Camera Flashes Mascara, a product that delivers stunning volume, length, and overall boom boom.
I prefer my lashes to be as dramatic as possible. If you watch my videos then you already know my obsession with falsies, but let me honest. It's a little impractical to wear falsies every single day. However, this mascara is currently the closest mascara that I've tried that resembles false lashes. I actually was wearing it quite heavily the other day and my best friend asked me if I was wearing lashes. I wasn't. Unless you count Lights Camera Flashes.

 Not only is the effect stunning but the formula is pretty much as budge proof as it can get without being completely waterproof. I find that a waterproof formula when it comes to mascara isn't that great for everyday, but this formula is budge proof, holds a curl, and manages to stay put throughout long days. I usually apply about two coats of this mascara on my lashes, concentrating on the lash line to accentuate thickness and then gently dragging the wand up to my tips to amp up the length.

I wanted to make a quick mention about the wand, which if you don't know is definitely one of the more important aspects of any mascara whatsoever. This wand is pretty giant, definitely on the larger and scarier side. ;) The bristles are pretty solid with a plasticy rubbery feel to them, and I actually like the spiky look of the wand because it means I can comb through the lash line without getting too many unnecessary and painfully irritating clumps.

Overall I would definitely say that I do recommend this mascara. It is $23 which does price it somewhat higher than drugstore options but to be honest you really can't beat the quality and the effect that you get with this mascara. x Anya

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