Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Magic In A Pot⎪Sugarpill Loose Eyeshadow

Recently I have discovered the amazingness of Instragram in a new way - makeup inspiration. Every day I love to scroll through my feed and just ogle the amazing talent that pepper the internet. From big name instagram stars to smaller but just as amazing newbies, instagram is full of a treasure trove of inspiration and products to try out. Enter my latest instagram find - the Sugarpill Loose Eyeshadow in the shade Penelope. Oh. My. God. Did you see me say it was magic in a pot? Hey, I don't use that word loosely. This is such a freakishly amazing product and I think everyone should try it. I hope that my words are enough to make you go buy it, but if you are like me and need more testimony first, here is my review and reasons for why this product is justing so f*cking amazeballs.

The packaging itself is adorably reminiscent of the classic sugar pill brand. The tiny jar is made to look like a small pill bottle, with an adorable heart motif on the lid punctuated with a cross. I do however, have one problem with this product that I'd like to address outright. Unfortunately, this loose eyeshadow doesn't come with a sifter. This means that whenever you unscrew the lid you have to be careful to make sure that none of that "magic" eyeshadow gets on your floor and crushed into an even finer dust than it is. 

My favorite way to apply this is with my finger, and when I initially dip it into the pigment, I notice little crumbs of powder sticking to my finger. Although the website claims that the powder is "finely milled" I can tell you that it is not. However, once you apply the color to the surface of your skin and blend it out, the entire pigment morphs into a pretty opaque metallic color. This shade itself is a gorgeous warm toned orangey color which pretty much fulfills my every warm-toned-glittery-extravaganza dream. Seriously.

The pigmentation of this is insane. What I really love is that although the eyeshadow is pretty gosh darn pigmented, it is very easy to apply a thin film all over the lid for an subtle every sparkle to just layer it on like your life depends on it. (It nearly always does in my case.) Below I have a few snapshots of how the swatches look on the back of my hand. The first picture is how the product looks with the flash and the second is how it looks without.

As you can very well see the pigment is intense, which I do really love. I have been using this pigment almost every day. I usually go for a light wash of shimmer on my lids for school and every day, but I did wear the color pretty intesntly for some occasions. Below is a video tutorial in which I used this pigment, so if you want to see this product in action and see how it looks on the lids, feel free to watch it on youtube! x Anya

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