Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A Week in South Texas ✈ Travel Diary

   A few months ago I went to south Texas and although I took plenty of photos it never occurred to me to post them on here as a sort of photographic travel diary. Recently I've discovered that I would really love to pursue photography as a career path in the future, and of course this has motivated me to take even more photos. Practice is the only way to get better at anything, so my time is increasingly spent working on my photography. Whether it is just snapping photos of random parts of my day, taking photos while traveling, or even working at my dance studio and taking photos of the dancers, photography is something that I truly enjoy and hope to feature more on this blog!
   *End of mini essay on my love of photography

   We were staying in this really amazing, remote ranch in the hill country of Texas. We went on hikes every day, even if it was raining. (Which it was) All the more reason to take photos!

The view on my favorite hilltop

A break in the downpour = reason to smile (always)

Is it weird that I cried when I thought someone stepped on this baby? Thankfully, they didn't. Frogs can be a lot smarter than many other people

Moody pastures 

Spider web madness

This photo is actually of a tree trunk that was rotting. The folds you see there are the empty cells of the tree, swollen with the rain

This baby spit on EVERYONE that came near it. I guess it liked me, since I was able to go practically all up in its face without getting lama spit!

All up in yo face baby ;)

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