Monday, November 30, 2015


   It's ridiculous how long it's been since I posted a video! I hadn't been filming for a while because of school, and then when I tried to edit and upload a video it took me such an incredibly long while because I edited my video and then iMovie wouldn't convert it into the mp4 format, and then after that I had to reedit that forty minute raw video file back into the much shorter finished video. After that I was trying to upload it to youtube. This was last Tuesday and I was trying to get it up before last Wednesday because I knew I'd be leaving for this retreat early Wednesday morning. This was a serious honest to God hard core retreat, as in no internet or wifi, so of course uploading wasn't an option. On the bright side I was able to edit a hell of a ton of videos while I was traveling, so I currently have about five pre-filmed and edited videos ready to go up (!!!). Anyhoo, I decided to put up this video first because of the timing. I have been trying so many new products over the past month, and though I haven't been nearly as active on my channel (and blog) as I would have liked to be, I haven't let my makeup addiction go unfed haha. So anyway, after 228 words here is my video!
x Anya

   P.S. I have been wanting to change up the thumbnails I typically do, so this one's a photo that shows my weird side. Hey, I never said I could survive on monochromatic smiles and head tilts for thumbnails!

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