Monday, November 16, 2015

MUA Makeup Academy Lipsticks

Things I search for in a lipstick:
No.1 High Pigmentation
No.2 Creamy Texture
No.3 Staying Powder
No. 4 Moisture

   That is the list, etched in my brain, that I refer to whenever I'm judging trying a new lipstick. Unfortunately, not every lipstick fits the mold in terms of hitting every target on the list. Finding a lipstick, for instance, with a creamy, moisturizing texture with staying power can present a challenge. Happily I've been able to find several formulas that do match this checklist. These MUA lipsticks are certainly one of them.

   MUA is a European brand that not long ago started being sold in various CVS stores in the states. The brand is known for their quality brushes (which I have yet to put to the test) and only recently have they added makeup products to their displays. Having tried several of their eyeshadow palettes I was intrigued to give their lipsticks a go as well. I was not disappointed. I chose to go with two slightly deeper versions of what I choose to wear on a day to day basis; a deep pink and a bright shade of rose.

   I have to add how much I appreciate that the brand chose to give a representation of how the colors look on the top of the lipstick tube. It's such a lifesaver when you're getting ready and don't want to be flipping over lipstick tubes to read the names on the bottom.

   The lipsticks swatch beautifully, giving an opaque layer of pigment to the lips. The pigmentation reminds me very much of the Wet n' Wild lipsticks that I love but that have an unfortunate habit of drying my lips. The MUA lipsticks deliver the same pigmentation but manage to be creamy and moisturizing at the same time. Granted, the Wet n' Wild lipsticks are two dollars, and these ones come at a heftier price of nine dollars, so it's up to you in terms of whether or not you'd prefer to pay more for a more moisturizing formula or pay less for something that doesn't have quite as much moisture. Don't get me wrong, I love both lipsticks, but when it boils down to which ones feel more comfortable it easily comes to the MUA lipsticks. I have noticed that the Wet n' Wild lipsticks do stay on longer, probably due to the dryer quality enabling the formula to grab on to the skin more easily. The MUA lipsticks have a more moisturizing formula, which naturally transfers a bit more and doesn't stay on as long.

   They deliver amazing quality and are amazingly comfortable on the lips. I do appreciate how moisturizing they are, especially since we are officially entering cold weather where I live and I notice my lips are getting chapped again. If you want to give these lipsticks a go I believe CVS is the only place you can buy MUA products in the states. The range has a wide variety of colors suited for everyone, from light natural tones to deeper shades as well. Have a nice weekend! x Anya

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