Thursday, November 12, 2015

Colourpop Fall Eyeshadows

Ugh, autumn is seriously my favorite season for makeup. I love rich, deep colors and the fact that I can wear them this season is more than satisfying. You might already know about my love of Colourpop eyeshadows, and of course when I saw these ones from their Fall Collection I was smitten. I have to grudgingly admit that I forgot to talk about them when I first bought them. I have no idea why, because I have been using these colors a lot! Anyhoo here are the four colors I chose. They are all deep, fall tones, thus perfect for my shade preferences when it comes to fall colors. Like all Colourpop eyeshadows, these are a mousse texture, which amazing pigmentation and quality.

From left to right, Stereo, Boy Band, Central Perk, Straight Trippin'.

The name of this one made me laugh; Central Perk is a wonderful nod to the 90s fall trend, because as many of you already know, Central Perk is the now famous coffee shop featured in the popular tv show Friends. Having been obsessed with the tv show for a while, this was a necessary pick - especially since the deep burgundy tone is one of my favorite colors to wear for fall. You can definitely see how much I love this shadow by how much I've used already!

I didn't have a lot of very dark shades in my Colourpop collection, so Straight Trippin' was a convenient pick. It's deep brown, not quite black, and I have really been loving this as a defining shade. You just need a little to add necessary dimension, and I also find that using this as an eyeliner works as well, since the deep tone of this color combined with the intense pigmentation and long wear make it perfect for an everyday liner.

Stereo is one of the most popular colors in the range, even making the bestseller's list on the brand's website. It a shimmering, glittering melting pot of purple. I really love how the shimmer in the pot transfers to the lid - it turns out as a shimmering bomb of color, which is honestly the best way I can describe it.

Lastly comes Boy Band, which is such an amazing, metallic, coppery shade there was no reason for me to not buy it. It's beautiful to wear in the center of the lid for some bright warmth, but it works just as well all over the lid as well.

   So as you can see these shades are pretty amazing. I don't know if they're limited edition or not, but I certainly hope they aren't. Let's face it, the way I'm going through them, I'll be hitting pan anytime soon! ;) x Anya

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