Sunday, December 7, 2014

Diary of Thick Hair | How Thicker Isn't Always Better

   As noticed by many, I have thick hair. When I wear it down (which isn't as often as it looks like) I get loads of compliments. "Your hair is so pretty!" or "I wish my hair was that thick." Walk into any store, and more often than not you might see products that claim to thicken, aimed for those who strive to achieve what I have been born with. I got the thick hair gene from my Dad, someone who has pretty thick hair. However, I have to admit, like many other men his age, he is dealing with some ahem, balding. So I guess I have the most hair in my family. Thus said, I have had to deal with some pretty interesting circumstances and comments. In this post, I will relate the not so terrific parts of thick hair. Please enjoy.

   No. 1: It Takes Forever to Style
Even though I don't curl or straighten my hair that often, I know girls with thick hair for whom it takes at least an hour to curl their hair. Having thick hair means you have a lot of it, and curling hair, whether it be with a curling wand, iron, or just pin curlers overnight, can be well, a headache. However, I myself do like to change my hair up a bit, so I like to style it when I want to look extra special.

   No. 2: People With Thick Hair Tend to Shed. A Lot.
If I had a dollar for every time someone commented on my hair loss, lets just say I would probably be wearing Chanel and using a solid gold toilet. Well, maybe not the solid gold toilet, but you get the picture. I think the reason I shed a lot (and I share this with all other thick haired girls, trust me, I have asked) is because of the fact that I have so much hair. And I'm not utterly depressed so that my hair falls out, and no, it doesn't fall out in clumps. It's just a few unwanted hairs that either fall to the floor without me noticing or ends up on my brush. However, I must admit that people around me aren't exactly used to that sort of thing, especially my mother, who nine out of ten is the person that has to clean the floor, and inevitably ends up with a lot of hair. A bit personal? Of course. But it's my life people,

   No. 3: It's Painful
No, it's not agonizing, but a simple ponytail can feel like it weighs a lot, and a bun can sometimes feel like it's sagging with the weight. Perky ponytails? I wish. Somehow, unless I use a brand new elastic, my hair just looks droopy.

   No. 4: Hair Stylists Avoid You (And If They Don't, They Sometimes Charge Extra)
I think this is the only fact I can't myself attest to. I haven't been to the salon since I was five and went for a haircut, therefore my hair is proudly described as virgin hair, a la Amanda Seyfried. However, according to several sources, since thick haired girls have so much, well, hair, it can be a headache getting something as simple as a blowdry. A blowdry can take at least an hour, so it makes sense that some salons might go for a higher price mark. Don/t get me started on how long it takes to dye hair, I've had someone say it takes them up to four hours.

   No. 5: You Go Through Hair Products 3X As Fast
You know when you look at the instructions on a bottle of shampoo or conditioner, and they say to squeeze a dime sized amount onto your hand? Fat chance for girls with thick hair. Dime sized? Think three times as much. It's like whenever I wash my hair I'm washing three heads instead of one. And it ain't cheap.

   No. 6: It's Hot
For years I've thought of my hair as a blanket. In the winter, it keeps my back from freezing. In the summer, my back is sweating. That's why I keep my hair up most of the time.

   No. 7: You Scare People
Going back to no. 2, you shed, people as scared for you. No, I'm not going to commit suicide anytime soon, no, I'm not suffering from severe depression, ect.

   No. 8: Thick Hair is Still Pretty Awesome
Yes, thick hair can be a both, yes, it can be a pain in the rear. But bottom line is, all these seven complaints aside, thick hair is really a blessing in disguise. Or a curse is disguise. I thick it just depends on how you feel about it, but I myself wouldn't trade my thick for thin anyday, no matter what I say.

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