Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Get Unready With Me | The Speedy Edition

   I haven't had much of a chance to post a lot on my blog, let alone post videos on my youtube channel, but I did get a window open and was able to record the voice over and edit this video! What a relief! I am thankful that this was such an easy video to film and edit, otherwise you guys wouldn't have seen a video at all this week :) 
   I recently attended a concert to watch Katya perform at the Meyerson and we got home late but nevertheless I elected to film myself while I took my makeup off and put my skincare lovelies on. This is certainly quite a pared down version of my usual regime, but this is what I usually do when it's late at night for my skin, and since I usually don't wear a full face of makeup (except maybe for some eyeliner or lip pencil) I usually don't use three (yes three) steps to remove my makeup. However, I do hope you will find this one interesting, especially if you want to see me awkwardly dancing at the end!

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