Friday, January 25, 2013

I Checked The Stripes

Until a couple of months ago, I hadn't even glanced at the sixties. Of course, I knew the style standard for the 50s, (Slim waists, full skirts, all influenced by the "New Look.") and I also was quite familiar with the louder version of the 70s, (flare legged pants, loud everywhere, in fabrics, prints, ect.) I had always skimmed through the "in-between" decade.
  I first thought of the 60s when I first saw Louis Vuitton's Spring 2013 RTW show. (Click here to view it.) To tell the honest truth, I just ignored the collection, at the time anyway. The checks and stripes, in a vivid palette of black, white, yellow, tan, ect. was enough for me to want to look at something else. Little did I know that in the next month I would become more and more engrossed into what then seemed to me as "too much" of color and patterns.
  My next vision of the sixties took place at my mailbox. When I received my Teen Vogue February 2013 issue, I knew that I loved the cover look. I took one look at what AnnaSophia Robb wore, (what I would later identify as a sixties look) and I fell in love.
 Fast forward 48 hours and I had already read every single article in that issue. (You can see my favorites here.) I had also come to fully realize what the sixties style standard was. Soon after, I pulled a few pieces from my closet. A couple of tops, a tote, a few dresses - all with one thing in common. The pattern, a uniform design of stripes and checks, responded to the style of fifty years ago.
  Above you can see a look I put together with some of these pieces. I am going to release another post soon, featuring another outfit I put together, so keep a lookout for that one!


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    1. Teen Vogue likes to give free bags with each subscription and this was the bag that they gave with mine.