Friday, February 8, 2013

Optic Life

Dress; Ralph Lauren, Belt; Calvin Klein, Shoes; American Eagle, Wood Bangle, Hairband.
 I promised you all a sixties post, and, at the time, I had one ready to publish. Then, one day, as I logged on and took another look, I decided to trash the post. It was simply not good enough for what I had in mind. The day that we shot this outfit was pretty cool, but not so cold I changed my mind about taking the pictures. I chose a dress by a different label, Ralph Lauren, and chose different shoes, jewelry - basically changing everything except my hairstyle. (There is nothing so easily pretty than having the hair unbound.) 
I loved my result, and so did my sister, but my Mother had doubts. I take both of their opinions very seriously - no exceptions, and when they each chose differently, I decided to take the plunge. 
When each of my advisers chose differently, I am pretty sure that the people that view this post will too. But, whatever your opinions, keep in mind that I dived in.

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