Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Tale of Clip-On Earrings

For what seems like forever, my sister and I have begged out parents for pierced ears. My mother had her ears pieced when she was about sixteen or seventeen, so it looks like that will be the age when my sister and I get our wish granted. Anyway, for years I had been flipping through magazines, seeing friends, and sometimes dolls, all with pierced ears. It really bugged me. Then came the fateful day when my dance teacher invited me to her house to borrow a few pieces for Titas. Opening a bulging drawer, she said, "This drawer has my old clip-one earrings. Of course, I don't wear them any more," (she had had her ears pierced about a year before) "but you can borrow what you like." 
Now, my dance teacher covets the best in everything - dance, life, and fashion. So, her collection of clip-ons was no exception. Years of finding, buying, and collecting had added up to a drawer-full of delicate, glittery baubles. I borrowed two, and they are both pictured here. I am currently looking for a perfect first pair of clip-ons, and I find the task meaningfully challenging. She has given me the name of one of her favorite sources, and I look forward to visiting that shop.

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