Wednesday, January 2, 2013

On My Life - Favorites From Vogue January 2013

As you probably already know, I do reviews on my favorite articles from Teen Vogue every month. As it's the beginning of the New Year, I thought that starting this month I might do an additional post on Vogue. I subscribe from both Vogue and Teen Vogue every month. They are both fantastic magazines, and I kind-of learn some things about fashion from both. I consider Teen Vogue a magazine about fashion for Teens - a magazine that lists all the interests of a typical teenager. I read Vogue every month because what I see in there is what I consider as "High Fashion." Really, I must admit that I spend a teeny bit more time with my Vogue issue than my Teen Vogue.

My favorite ad from this issue, well I didn't have to look very far. I flip open the cover and, "Voila." L'Invitation Au Voyage from Louis Vuitton is simply a must watch. (Click here to be a viewer.) The pictures beautifully captured highlights from the sixty second film.

Anna Wintour's Editor's Letter is something I always always always read first. It is awesome to read.

Glow in the dark makeup - genius! In this photo, I truly believe that a single picture is worth a thousand words. Glow in the dark makeup is awe inspiring is just eight of those words.

For the first time, I am telling you that I, like about 51% of the U.S., is an avid supporter of Obama. This article helped me see and understand him like never before.

Hothouse Flowers is a fantastic introduction to Spring Fashion. Just look at all those clothes!

Chop Chop, or in other words, cut my hair, is something I can never do. I mean, I do go for a trim, every summer, but that's about it. Even though I would never chop off all my hair, like Karlie Kloss did, this was a very interesting read.

Vogue's Steal of The Month is always a favorite of mine. The editors of Vogue do such a fantastic job of putting together one of the best looks in the magazine "for less." Sadly, those looks still are way out of a price range for most of us, including me, but I do love to look at them.
Of course, the pantsuit is something that I love. It is such an awesome way of looking like a boy, and in this picture especially, it radiates a feminine touch.

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