Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Lorac Pink Champagne Eye/Cheek Palette

For a while I have been looking for the perfect do-it-all palette, a task made all the more harder by the fact that I am very picky about what I like and don't like when it comes to makeup. Unfortunately most palettes claim to do it all but rarely come up to anything when it comes to quality and my personal preference.  This all changed when I tried out this little gem from Lorac. It is pretty much everything you look for in a do-everything-palette but with a wildly inexpensive price tag still with the quality that Lorac offers as a brand.

Inside there are "4 eye shadows, an eye and cheek highlighter, a blush and a bronzer" according to the description on Since these are all powders and they all happen to perform equally in pigmentation, texture and blend-ability I find that it is quite easy to take the colors in this palette and simply use them however you wish. I definitely use the pink shade for a blush color, but I also would highly recommend using the color on the top left (look above) of the palette for a blush shade as well, even though I believe it's meant for a transition shade eyeshadow. That medium/dark brown to the right is great as a brow color if it happens to match your coloring, and I also like to use the golden shade as a, eyeshadow and a highlight, especially when it's mixed in with the stark white shimmery shade as well. Out of all the shadows in this palette the burgundy one at the bottom is my favorite and most used, especially since it's such a great color to use all over the lid for some drama or simply as a definer shade. Then the bronzer at the bottom right is also wonderful as an eyeshadow and contour because not only is it pigmented but it blends like a dream. Also, if you really want to take this multitasking business seriously, all the darker colors make great liners, epically when used with a wet angled brush and blended.

Do I think that this palette is worth trying? Absolutely. I read up on it and apparently it is limited edition, so if you are interested in buying this palette be sure to head on over to and check it out! x Anya

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