Monday, April 4, 2016

Cheap AF⎪Italia Eyeliners (My Grownup Crayons)

*Disclaimer: If you want to read a short essay that I typed below in the middle of the night that vaguely mentions eyeliner, read below. If you just want to hear about eyeliner, scroll down.

I don't know about you, but when I was a kid... (oh, what the hell, let's be honest, I still am) but anyway, when I was a kid I really liked my colored pencils, crayons and markers. (I still retain that obsession for colored pencils and those kinds of stylized markers that you display in instagram posts because they're just so awesome. ) I use makeup as simply another form of artistry, and my art supplies are always there for that rare moment when I have time to actually paint or draw something, which now occurs at three a.m. in the morning, usually when I'm watching Netflix.
I never stopped missing having all the time in the world to work on art, which is probably why I'm always buying makeup. I find it's a lot easier to do my makeup and consider that art than to spend all night working on a painting... and then to go to school the next morning looking like a zombie. These Italia eyeliners were an example of me fulfilling my artistic fantasy.

From left to right: 1004 White, 1011 Gold, 1013 Lilac, 1007 Pearl Pink, 1010 Lavender, 1008 Neon Green, 1016 Avocado, 1006 Neon Blue, 1019 Sky Teal, 1020 Electric Blue, 1003 Light Brown, 1001 Black

I'm going to get to the point here. These eyeliners are pretty damn good. I tried them for several weeks, wearing various colors and I even filmed a tutorial that pretty heavily featured the 1019 Sky Teal color in the range. I bought these while looking on, which is a great retailer for pretty much everything under the sun, including makeup. These eyeliners came in a set that cost me around six dollars, which amounts to only a few cents a pop. This is really good news if you're someone that wants to have a variety of good quality liners to play with but don't want to shell out a whole bunch of cash for a variety of colors that they might find themselves using once in a while. The trouble with most colored liners is that many of them aren't opaque. I don't know about anyone else, but when I buy a colored liner I want some intense color, and when I receive a liner and the color is not, well, I hate that. 
These ones were pretty gosh darn opaque, and I was especially pleased to find that they stayed on the waterline. I must admit that some of the eyeliners, particularly the gold one and the shimmery pinky ones, need some work to apply more opaque, but when you look at the matte tones like the white, pink, and especially that cerulean blue... I'm sold. My favorites are certainly the green ones at the moment, since lately I have been wearing them in my waterline. They stay on for a few hours but you do have to touch up if you want to maintain that opacity. Overall, like I said, these liners are amazing. I really love using them and if you ever want to play with color these are great for that. These are literally my grownup crayons. x Anya

PS: If you finished reading this essay, I applaud you on your effort and I'm giving you a cyber hug and a handshake. We are definitely on the same page.

From left to right: 1004 White, 1011 Gold, 1013 Lilac, 1007 Pearl Pink

From left to right: 1010 Lavender, 1008 Neon Green, 1016 Avocado, 1006 Neon Blue

From left to right: 1019 Sky Teal, 1020 Electric Blue, 1003 Light Brown, 1001 Black

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