Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The NAKED Smoky Palette

   The newest Naked palette is just the latest in a slew of products from Urban Decay's Naked line. From the very first eyeshadow palette to this latest one, the fourth Naked eyeshadow palette in the line, these eyeshadow palettes are among the bestselling in the entire world. Though I had certainly heard about the incredible popularity of the line, I refrained from buying a sample of Nakedness until this guy came on the market.

   First of all, lets talk about the packaging. Out of all the Naked Palettes, this one has by far the best packaging I've seen in all the Naked Palette. Unlike the other Naked palettes, this one has a hard plastic covering, which is amazing because it holds up incredibly well when you travel without running any risk of the eyeshadows  shattering when dropped or otherwise jostled. In contrast, the Naked One palette has a velvety covering which frankly doesn't look too luxirious considering the fact that you are shelling out more than fifty dollars for it. The Naked Two and Three palettes have a hard tin packaging. I've found that it can be difficult when you have a palette with a tin packaging because you live in constant concern that if you drop the palette all of the fifty dollars worth of eye shadow will shatter. This format, however, is perfect, and the smoky design is immediately eye-catching and quite stunning.

   Once you open the palette you see that it has 12 shades in three different finishes. I really appreciate how they grouped their shadows by finish. Firstly you get the four shimmery shades, then the four satin shades, and lastly the four matte shades. Something that is nice to note is that the four most shimmery shades are also the most wearable. They are the four most pigmented shades in the entire palette, reminding me of the Loreal Infallible shadows in terms of how intense the color payoff is. The four shades in the middle, the satin shades, are not as pigmented as the shimmery shades but more pigmented than the matte shades. The only shades in the palette that aren't as pigmented as I'd like are the last matte shades. I find that many brands find it hard to make shades super pigmented when they are in the matte finish and the only matte shades that I have absolutely fallen in hopeless love with are the amazing mattes found in the Kat von D shade and light eye palette. Those shades are the most buttery, pigmented shades of life, but unfortunately this palette, like many other palettes that I've tries, doesn't quite match the amazingness in terms of matte shades.

From left to right; High, Dirtysweet, Radar, Armor, Slanted, Dagger, Black Market, Smolder, Password, Whiskey, Combust, Thirteen

   Something about this palette that I absolutely love is the brush. Unlike many other brands that skimp of the quality of their brushes/applicators, Urban Decay created an amazing quality dual ended brush that I have no problem using with this palette and any of my other eyeshadows.

   One end is a blending brush and the other is a smudge brush. They are both synthetic bristled, and although they can be used along with the palette you do need a brush for packing the color on to you lids as well.

   So here's my verdict. I really like this palette. The versatility of this palette is amazing. You can create both the classic black toned smoky eye and an everyday warm-toned eye look as well. The one thing I wish I could change about this palette is the pigmentation of the matte shades. Even though they are better than many other matte shades I've tried I wish they were more buttery and pigmented than they are. Nevertheless the quality of this palette is pretty amazing, and I would definitely recommend it as a greate versatile palette.

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