Monday, August 3, 2015

Review ❈ e.l.f. Blush Palette

   I feel like I have been away from the internet for ages. I was on a cruise for about a week and during that time I had no internet whatsoever. True, I could have purchased internet from the ship's internet plan, but honestly, the prices were so ridiculous. I remember seeing the prices for a few days of internet soar into the hundreds, and while I do love internet, there's no way I love it enough to justify shoveling out $400 for a few days of data. Anyhoo, I did take lots of photos which I will be sharing soon, but for now I thought I would do this review first. 
   I have been quite curious about e.l.f. and their products. For me the brand has improved greatly in the years I have been using it, going from poor quality products to products that look and perform as it they should cost a lot more that just a few dollars. However, many products in the line aren't ones I really enjoy, so buying something from e.l.f. is always a bit of a gamble, since I'm never sure if I'll enjoy it or hate it. Seeing this palette triggered that occasional "buy it" sense, and so I decided to try it. At six dollars this palette is around the middle in terms of price range for e.l.f. products, but having four good sized colors in the palette makes the price ridiculously low.

    Getting right to it, let me tell you that the pigmentation for these blushes is amazing. I don't have to build up the formula to get a lot of pigment. Instead the the colors glide on seamlessly with hardly any kind of effort on my part. The colors aren't named, but as you can see the colors are a warm brown, a reddish coral, a muted version of a hot pink, and a color which can only be described as a Barbie-doll pink. Three of the colors are satiny versions of mattes, and only the coral shade has any shimmer in it, and that shimmer is subtle and barely visible, which I appreciate. My most used colors are definitely the last two: the darker and lighter pink, but the coral is a very pretty one as well. Unfortunately, I can't say that the bronzy brown is used very often, as I prefer using the other tones for my blush purposes, but I find the color works well as a warm toned bronzer. The colors stay on for a long period of time, which I always appreciate. I wore one of the pinks for an entire day and by the end of the day I could still see the color, even though it had faded ever so slightly, which I could understand, considering how incredibly humid the weather was.

   Overall I give this palette a round of applause. I used this palette almost every days through my entire vacation, never once reaching for my other blush that I had brought. This is one of the e.l.f. products that I've fallen in love with, and for the price it's accessible to everyone. e.l.f. does sell another version, made for darker skin tones, and I would like to try that one, even though the shades are darker, but for now this little palette is definitely satisfying by blushing dreams. 😊 xx

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