Saturday, August 15, 2015

Progreso ✈ Travel Diary

A while back my family and I decided to go on a five day cruise to Mexico. Five days spent in absolute bliss, five days in which my life at home felt like a foggy fantasy, five days in what felt like being in the middle of a cliche travel catalog. For those of you who are seasoned cruise veterans this might seem like a bit of an over emphasizing of something that seems quite normal, but for me being a first timer the experience was nothing if not magical. On the third day we docked in the coastal town of Progreso, Mexico.

I have to say that I genuinely enjoyed our time in Progreso. We went on a bus tour of the city and it was amazing to see the town as it was, with people living, working and otherwise going about their daily life in. I can't resist bragging about being the only one in my family who could speak Spanish, even though strictly speaking it is closer to Spanglish that actual Spanish. ;) Nevertheless I was able to order a taxi, ask for directions and order a coconut popsicle... in Spanish. (Cue happy dance)

Our ship was docked a long way from shore, with a long strip of land leading to the town from the dock. The view was pretty amazing anyway, it was quite stunning to see the wide expanse of bluegreen water making it look like a desktop photo. I have to clarify that although this isn't my first time at a beach (it actually feels like the hundredth time, strictly speaking maybe is) I had never been to the Caribbean. It was stunning in the way places are when they look just as beautiful in pictures, if not more so.

In terms of what I was wearing... this romper has pretty much been my summer uniform. It's probably the most comfortable thing in my closet besides the typical t-shirts and yoga pants, and whenever I wear it it looks a lot more polished than a t-shirt and sweats! I have this joke that I say to whoever listens that I wear this whenever I want the trick myself into thinking I'm wearing pajamas, and to be honest that isn't very far from the truth. To make the whole thing look more polished I like to pair it with these amazing platforms heels I got from Nordstrom ages ago. They are one of those shoes that look like they could be uncomfortable but feel amazing. I walked around in them for days on end and I felt completely at ease. As for the hat, well, we got it in one of the stalls where they sell all of those odds and ends that you don't really need but can't help but buy, such as intricately woven backpacks, dainty jewelry and Navajo blankets. The hat was actually meant for my Dad, but as luck had it, I ended up wearing it and so far I have to say I've worn it far more often than he has!

On the boardwalk

Sassy chick

On our balcony

Getting touchy feely...

The dock

My sister and I shared a cabin and it was pretty rad. We did take turns sleeping in the bed next to the window, which is something pretty typical of us, but something I really want to talk about is how cute the towel animals were! The crew was the most amazing group ever, and every night they folded towels into the most adorable towel animals of life.

This is my favorite, the elephant. This was definitely a creation that makes you admire the skill and patience of the crew members that make these animals. I'm actually quite glad I took these pictures because then I can just stare at these pictures and keep the memory alive... of towel animals. Oh well.

Overall the entire trip was pretty amazing. I honestly can't decide which memories I like better - the ones we made on the ship or the ones we made on the shore in Mexico. I will treasure the experience always, as cheesy as that sounds, but I'm actually being pretty honest when I say that those five days were one of the best in my life. Period.

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