Sunday, June 21, 2015

Where The Light Is ♡ Colourpop Eyeshadows

For sure I am the last person in the blogosphere to buy anything from Colourpop. Somehow, even though they truly sell some of the best quality makeup for the cheapest prices, I persuaded myself to resist the ever so tempting array of products in generous varieties of finishes and colors, all packaged into the cutest white packaging. However, even though I averted my eyes and stayed strong (even though I don't know why I bothered), all my boundaries shattered, however, when I saw Kathleen Lights collaboration with Coloupop, where the two of them joined forces to create an eyeshadow set. Since most of you haven't really seen the bulk of my makeup collection, let me just say that I am an eyeshadow Junkie. I spelled junkie with a capital "j" for a reason. I love eyeshadow. I spend most of the money I set aside for makeup on eyeshadow, and the bulk of my makeup is ... eyeshadow. Naturally, it was almost a no brainer to get eyeshadow for my first experience with Colourpop.

Firstly, lets take a look at the packaging. The four eyeshadows are in four individual pots, and they are packaged in a sturdy cardboard box, which in turn is tucked into a gorgeous wraparound cardboard covering. Packaging quality is definitely on point, and I have certainly been keeping the packaging as well!

The set contains four eyeshadows. Colourpop has a very interesting texture for their eyeshadows, very much like a mousey texture, almost like those Maybelline bouncy blushes.

The eyeshadows have different finishes - two are matte, one is pearlized and the last is metallic. I like the generous amount of product in each little container. The Colourpop logo is printed on the lid in iridescent print, and the lid is clear, which I like to be able to see what colors I'm picking for that day.

Below you can see Glow, a matte creamy highlight color.

Here is Kathleenlights, a bright golden copper shade with a pearlized finish.

Also a matte, here is Cornelious, a chocolatey brown color.

Lastly here is Blaze, a bronze sprinkled with touches of glitter.

Below you see the gorgeous printed design on the shadows. Sadly, it disappeared after the first use for most of the shadows due to the fact that it is a creamy texture, but luckily I took photos before I swatched them.

Below you see the swatches. As you can see, the pigmentation is gorgeous. The colors are incredibly beautiful and wearable, and they can be layered for a bolder effect.

The longevity of the shadows is wonderful. The matte shades stay the longest but all of them stay vibrant throughout the entire day. They look stunning on the eyes, and the gold tones make them perfect shades for some fun in the summertime. I definitely recommend these - they are perfectly made, and I already ordered more shades of their eyeshadows. I'm smitten, so I feel like I've officially been bewitched by Colourpop.

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