Monday, June 8, 2015

✧ Dirt Cheap Lashes (Finally) ✧

I am not the best at applying lashes, but I must say I have greatly improved at the skill since the "Dark Ages" or the time prior to a few months ago when I and my trembling fingers finally succeeded in applying lashes in a way that didn't end up in a: my lashes being several centimeters above my natural lashes or b: me cursing in a fine torrent of words because some glue got into my eye. The lashes that I used to create such false lash success were these ones that I got from... of all places, They go on easily, giving the eyes a natural-lashes look. When I wear these, it looks like I'm not wearing any falsies at all. My lashes look like they are either naturally long and bushy or like I'm wearing the greatest mascara on planet earth.

Let's step back a minute and talk about the packaging. The lashes are packaged ten pairs to a box, and you can either buy them buy the box or buy a set of five boxes with fifty pairs of lashes. They come in a lightweight cardboard box, with the name embossed in pink on the lid, and a cute heart cutout. Inside the lashes are held on by small gold stickers. Once you take the lashes out of the box you find that each lash has a thin band made of some clear plastic string/thread. As with other Asian lashes I've tried, the band extends out, so that when you hold a new pair of lashes you can see the part with the actual lashes on the band and then you also see the plastic ends sticking out. You do, of course, have to have a pair of scissors handy to cut the ends off so you can apply them.

If you take a closer look at the lashes (note: the first photograph in this post is best for this) you might notice that the individual lash "hairs" on each strip vary in length. I find this very important when choosing natural lashes. Why? If you look at your own natural lashes you'll find that each individual lash varies in length. That's why it's so important to choose falsies that mimic these when looking for a natural effect.

For reference purposes, my lashes were the natural ones, #218

The lashes go on easily, gently sitting on the base of your lashes without any fuss, and looking incredibly natural. Are these worth your money? Absolutely. The lashes are amazing quality for the price and durable enough to be used several times. Below is a link to the seller on amazon where I found these puppies. Enjoy!

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