Thursday, February 19, 2015

Budget Buy: Wet n' Wild Mega Last Lipsticks

Not long ago I took the time to go to the drugstore, and whilst I was browsing the displays I came across the Wet n' Wild one. I always love a bargain, hence when I saw that they were on sale at only $1.99, I decided to go for it. Even though I did buy it, I didn't have astronomically high expectations for this. It was more like, "Oooh, colors! Me likey!" Actually, no that's terribly inaccurate as well, but I hope you're getting the gist here. Surprisingly, these lipsticks have turned into a definite staple in the epiphany of all awesome products - my makeup bag. I do have some pros as well as complaints, so if you want to see what I think of these products, read on!

Cosmetic companies that pay a lot for their packaging end up pricing their finished products higher to make a profit. If you're buying a high-end product, chances are, you are probably paying so much for the quality of the packaging. I've heard numerous complaints about the quality of the packaging, but keep in mind that this is a two dollar product. I'd honestly prefer to get this level of cosmetic quality for two dollars with cheaper looking packaging than pay more just for the packaging. However, I do have one complaint, and this has to do with the shade labeling on the product. I took of the seal and now I literally do not know the names of the shades because I can't see them anywhere on the packaging. When I'm using makeup I like to be aware of the shade names and/or numbers so that I can write or make a video and say I used this product in the shade ____ .

I chose two shades. The one above is a really pretty bubble gum pink and the one below is a richer, darker rose.

The coverage is medium-full, depending of just how much you apply. The finish is a velvety matte that is quite stunning. They don't drag on the lips and aren't patchy whatsoever. I'd say if you do have problems with any kind of dryness or patchiness, you probably might want to exfoliate your lips (here is a great way to exfoliate the lips with a toothbrush) and apply some lipbalm before application for better results.

The staying power of these are really quite nice. It does come off (very slightly, mind you) when I eat or drink, but otherwise it stays for the entire day without any problems. I definitely give this product five stars - it has an amazing formula - and I will certainly be going back to the store to pick up more shades of these beauties!

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