Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Miracle Cleanser: MyChelle White Cranberry Cleanser

Cleansers are definitely a skincare product that most people don't necessarily find majorly important. For the longest time, I myself chose not to use one, instead opting for a moisturizing soap and scrub. That changed when I received this cleanser as a Christmas present. The other night I had a full face of makeup on, and if you have watched my Get Unready With Me video then you already know that when I want to remove a full face of makeup I usually wash my face to get rid of some of my makeup. I decided to do this with this cleanser, but lo and behold! Suddenly all my makeup was gone!

 It didn't irritate or redden my skin, which was amazing in itself, but the fact that it was capable of removing 99% to a 100% of my makeup was extraordinary. I think that the only trouble it had removing all my makeup was whenever I was using a waterproof mascara or something in my waterline. Also, of course, it had minimal scent and cleansed my skin very well. I found it extra cleaning to use this product just before my scrub, so as to get all the dirt and impurities of my skin for the night. I will certainly be happy to buy this again. Not only does it cleanse very well it also removes makeup better than my current makeup remover. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a new cleanser. This is definitely a five star product.

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