Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Budget Buy: Elf Brow Kit

Let me introduce you all to one of my very favorite products, this coming from a girl who can never make her brows look right. I covet this little brow kit from Elf, only, I almost never use it for my brows. What do I use it for? Eyeshadow. If you watch my videos on my youtube channel you probably have already seen me use and talk about this product already. I mean, it rocks. Containing a matte and a gel shade, I can use my fingers, a brush, or the dinky little applicator that comes in the compact. Only, I almost always use my fingers. And when I don't, I use an eye brush from my collection. Really. I almost never use the applicator unless I'm at the State Fair with dirty fingers and nowhere near a sanitary brush. (Yes, the State Fair will do that to you.)

Anyway, back to the point. Both shades are warm toned, which I like, since I look best in warm tones. The gel one is the darker choice. Even though it looks dark in the pan, in person it is much more sheer than it looks. The matte shade, the one on the opposite end, is a perfect defining shade. Considering the money I paid for it, the overall quality is pretty good. I like the packaging, which I think is a lot like some from the higher end brands, and the two shades are simply idea. Definitely a must have! xxx Anya

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