Monday, November 12, 2012

WDSW - Black Patterns Meet Purple Sweaters

Sweater; Express, Jeans; Gap, Vest, Wedges; American Eagle, Necklace.
 The reason I enjoy picking out an outfit so much is the opportunity to blend beautiful pieces into a smoothie of unique personality. 
With this outfit, I really enjoyed the fun time of centering the vest and "building" the entire outfit around it. Like a lot of my favorite pieces, the vest has a story attached to it. 
   My Mom made it years ago, when she was living in her apartment in Moscow, at a time and place were many people made their own clothing just the way they liked it. She has told me that she really liked patterns like these at the time, and so she did something with it. 
  Last year, my mother brought it out for me when we were looking through her closet, and it moved into my favorites right away.

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