Tuesday, November 6, 2012

On My Life - What's In My Bag

Whatever you put in your bag is important to you, and yet what happens to be in your bag is a symbol of your own taste and personal style. Here I share what I have in my bag.

My handbag. I have quite an amount of different bags, but this is my first and is my current bag.

It is from Nine West, and although it doesn't fit a lot of items, it is my staple.

This is my own cute (and recent) touch. This cute little penguin flash drive was given to me as a small gift over the Summer, so as to store some files. It now keeps all my favorite pictures and videos.

This is what my bag looks like then it is open.

I am the sort that always likes to take notes. This small notebook from Paper Mate is perfect for every little thing I want to jot down.

I always like to use a pen when recording something or writing a rough draft. It is something taught to me by my mother from a young age.

I received this compact when I was a little girl. A relative presented it to me, and I have kept it ever since.

The inner pocket, what it looks like open.

A lipstick.

Chanel wipes.

Revlon nail clipper and file.

Love and Toast sample sized perfume.

My bag, empty.

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