Friday, August 10, 2012

Christian Dior Resort 2013 Favorites

 Yeah, I know it is super late to be doing another review on Resort collections with all the couture going on. But I just love Dior, and I just love the clothes they put together for their Resort 2013 collection, so here goes.
I love the way this coat dress is designed. You see long sleeves, two pockets, and a length that claims a hem just above the knee. The handbag gives the color of the coat a ever so slightly rosy shade, the hat gives it a touch of casual, and the wedge-heels gives the whole thing an high-and-superior mood.

I have always loved black and white, together or apart, and I have always loved pencil skirts, so that is why I love this design. I like a leather top too, very European. Too bad we can't see the shoes. Wonder if they were black or white?

Breezy and casual and chic, all in one. If you look closely at the bag, you notice that it had the DIOR charms on it. I love that about all the bags in this collection. 

Second to black and white, I prefer this tanned nude shade. As of Dior and also, this particular collection, this is very much like the middle of the 20th century. Polished, neat, and trimmed.

I think, among all the other outfits in this collection, this is the one I can picture myself wearing the most. It is very casual. Every element, from the sunglasses to the off-the-shoulder top to the printed floral skirt - this is something you could wear almost anywhere you go to everyday. Shopping, school, or even going out for a girls' night with a couple of close friends. These pieces will look good in all of those places. 

I have been seeing these kinds of outfits all over the Runway this season. What's really wonderful about this outfit is how it manages to look chic and pretty with an edge to the whole thing. That hat is wonderful with this outfit. (Note to my latest hat obsession)

Another leather piece, one among many in this collection. Lavender-Gray is a wonderful color for Autumn, and one my palette of favorites. I love those heels with a platform that give you the vision of a super-high heel without providing much discomfort for the wearer.

A really good back is a quality this dress that I really love. It's nice how it looks so relaxed but it still looks very chic and polished. I love those wedges, they give the whole effect such a sophisticated mood.

This is the perfect short dress - I love the multiple choice of color in it. I really like that collar, it looks like it is made do duplicate artificial flowers in a soft palette of pinks and whites. The underskirt of blue adds just the right variety of color to this creation.

I think that this is what a wealthy business woman would choose to wear to the office. Similar, anyway. The fitted white blazer look very fitting with the rest of the outfit, including those beautiful heels. I am very into blazers right now,  and this is exactly the one I would love to own.

Another lovely short evening dress! Although this one is of a much darker shade of blue, I think I love it as much as the other one. I love that flowered necklace, the silver goes very well with the rest of the blue in this outfit.

This is what one should wear to a black and white ball. It is stately, chic, and gorgeous. I love that patterned fabric, and I adore that back. Too bad we can't see the shoes - I would love to see what kind of shoes they would pair together with this piece.

This was the finale of the shoot. This glittering gown reminds me a lot of some precious metals. I love the length, when you have a good and long skirt, you are guaranteed to sweep all the attention in the room towards you.

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