Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit

Holla! So a while back I jumped on the bandwagon and ordered the much loved Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit. Though I'm not too much of a contour girl day to day, (contrary to my cream highlight and contour video on youtube) I was intrigued to try it out, specifically to experiment with the highlighting powders, which I'd heard a lot about. The kit comes with six pans of product, with three highlight and three contour shades. The thing that I really love about this palette is the way the palette was designed to makes the pans come out. This is amazing for me, since it means that I can customize (!!!) the palette however I want. Anastasia Beverly Hills sells single pans of the contour and highlighting powders, so if you ever run out or you feel like another shade might suit you better, you can easily buy any pan you want, pop it in, and make the palette perfectly for you.

Above you can see the powders watched on my arm. From left to right; Vanilla, Banana, Sand, Java, Fawn and Havana.

The pigmentation of these powders is remarkable. The contour powders are ever so slightly more pigmented than the highlight powders, but that doesn't really bother me too much because I usually like to apply my powders in light layers. I especially love how the contour powders are not so pigmented that they leave an unseemly brown splotch when applied, and yet they are pigmented enough so that you don't need to keep layering layer after layer of product to get a sufficient result.

Overall I would say that this palette is a fantastic investment for anyone who likes to use powders for contour and highlighting. I can't say that you can't possibly do without this, but I have to admit that this is something that I have been using daily for almost a month straight and I have not yet tired of it, and judging by how much I love it I might just have a mini-me style freakout if I ever misplaced this. ;) You can purchase the palette on and, or try the ABH website. x Anya

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