Saturday, July 5, 2014

Use Your Tongue

As my first photo session in Ukraine, I chose to highlight some of the amazing graffiti I see splashing buildings, walls, and just about any other place you can think of. For some reason this segment really captivated me. It looks so incredibly original, so wonderfully naughty that I couldn't help but hand my camera to my mother and say "Hey, take my picture." On another note, this dress is truly something I can't let go of. I've been wearing it for forever (as chronicled on this blog) and the other day I was overjoyed to find out that I didn't need to wear a bra underneath (!!!). In contrast to previous times when I had to wear a bra to fill the dress out (hey, we all need to use our bras at some point, right?) now I can roam the moors free of any cushioned contraption providing an extra chestal layer in this heat. Okay, I was kidding about the "roaming the moors" part, but I was pretty serious about the rest. The bracelet was actually a DIY my cousin taught me. I will try to make a post or video on the subject, but I know that I will promptly forget my promise, so I will just say that it is a simple weave pattern. Well, it is. (Now let's see what I can do about that DIY tutorial...) 

Dress: Old Navy (Old) Similar here
Cardigan: Old Navy (Old)
Shoes: Merona (Old) Similar here
Bracelet: Made by me
Earrings: Vintage

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