Sunday, December 23, 2012

WDSW - How To Wear Mr. Hat

Hat; Dress Barn, Sweater; St. John's Bay, Leggings; Cherokee, Shoes; Etienne Aigner, Wallet; Petek, Wooden Bracelet.
I always keep my Teen Vogue issues. It just makes me wince every time I try and throw one away - no matter how long it has been sitting on my bookshelf. When I was looking at my very first Teen Vogue issue,(think Elle Fanning in Mui Mui.) I happened to come upon one of my favorite articles in that particular issue. Jane Keltner deValle test-driving Phillip Treacy hats had had me hooked when I first read the article almost a year ago. It certainly inspired me now. 
We all have reasons we don't wear hats. My own reason was that I simply didn't know how. Thankfully, with this outfit, I am pretty sure I figured how to wear a hat in a trendy and stylish way.  
    In that Teen Vogue article, Jane stated that whenever wearing a hat, you must dress from the head down. I did this, making sure that even though my leggings were in a different pattern, they went together with my headpiece.    
Another thing I was trying with this outfit was using a wallet instead of a handbag. I normally wouldn't suggest using a wallet as a handbag, but it was just so tempting to try! I looks a lot like a leather clutch, don't you think?

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