Monday, May 25, 2015

The $7 Naked 2 Palette Dupe?

   I am probably one of the only people on the planet called BeautyMania (in my mind, that planet does exist, housing the universe's most devoted beauty enthusiasts) that does not any of the Naked palettes from Urban Decay. Granted, I do own the Naked Basics 2, one which, unfortunately, I don't like. But that's a story for another time. 
  It's not that I was unaware of the hype surrounding the Naked, Naked 2, and Naked 3, it's just that I wasn't interested. I read reviews, and although people hyped it to the moon and back, many others said it had an intense amount of fallout. One reviewer even said that she would rather buy the Lorac Pro, which is a purchase I made and I haven't regretted. Still, the hype of the Naked lives on. Indefinitely. However, I was watching Pixiwoo a few weeks ago and I saw Nikki talk about the W7 eyeshadow palettes and how each one of them greatly resembles the Naked palettes. The colors are practically identical, the themes alike, and probably the only significant difference is... there's no fallout. I'm talking specifically about the W7 In The Buff palette, supposedly a dupe for the Naked 2, which happens to be at a very sweet price point of $7.

Let's backtrack for a minute and talk about the packaging. The packaging is pretty much a tin, very similar to the Naked 3 in terms of material. The shadows themselves are placed in a firm black material that I can't identify. I believe it's somewhere between hard rubber and plastic, smelling like the first. I don't know what good this will do if the palette falls - I've heard that if you drop the Naked 3 the shadows shatter because of the combination of the hard metal tin and the impact between the palette and the floor, but I haven't tested this out (for obvious reasons). I have one major con about the packaging and that is the thickness. Below you see a photo (albeit a dark one) with the W7 palette  on the right and my Lorac Pro on the left. You can see the W7 is about 3 times thicker than the Lorac. I'm taking a guess at this one but I'm pretty sure the pans are about the same thickness, so making the W7 palette so thick seems to be a non-necessity to me.

Below are the colors of the palette close up. As you can see, the shades are gorgeous, with a fair mix of matte and shimmery shades.

I have to admit - a lot of the colors in palette, particularly some of the matte shades, are not as pigmented as I prefer them to be, but the shimmery shades are quite nice. They're pigmented, but not to pigmented that they produce the aforementioned fallout.

Overall I'd really recommend this palette. It's only readily available in the UK, but you can find it on Amazon, like I did. Unfortunately, it does take some time to arrive, (come on, it's being airlifted across the Atlantic), but at $7 with no shipping costs it's a pretty unbeatable price. Is it a dupe for the Naked 2? I have no idea, but I will say that I am very much satisfied with the results from this palette, especially considering the pennies I paid for it. Highly recommended! xxx Anya

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