Saturday, April 14, 2012

Lipstick or Lip-gloss?

 The other day, I was thinking about all the different kinds of lip products. A lot of girls like to use lipstick and/or lip-gloss. I thought I might do a sort of review on the pros and cons of these two forms of lip-color.

  Lip-gloss is probably the most commonly used products among teen girls. A lot of my friends prefer to use it in the place of lipstick. I myself own a couple of lip-glosses - I think I have four from various brands. But I don't really use them that much. I sometimes use them when I feel I would like to wear something differing from my typical look - but that's seldom.Don't get me wrong - I just am not that type of girl that can wear lip-gloss. Lip-gloss is a great lip product for teens. It really can moisturize your lips and the good ones - you don't have to use a base of lip-balm!

 Lipstick is one of my essentials. I like to buy lipstick from brands like Lo'real, Avon, and Revlon. I like my lipstick with just a touch of shimmer - it has a really good result. I wear mostly pinks and nudes - but I sometimes like to go for a bright red on some occasions. Very rarely. I like to have a base of lip-balm and then apply the product with a lip-brush for a precise finish. Although, the trouble is, some lipsticks tend to soak their color into your lips. This can be pretty irritating - especially if you don't want a lipcolor that can wash off easily - not a lip-stain.

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